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Check out Sara Meerow’s new paper on the status of climate change adaptation

A new paper by Sara Meerow, John Nordgren, and Missy Stults in Environmental Science and Policy assesses existing resources and efforts for climate change adaptation and the needs of local communities. The paper suggests that more work is needed for local communities and their practitioners to respond to climate change. Additionally, the paper suggests that climate adaptation resources and services need to be streamlined and organized to ensure efficacy and efficiency. Read the article here.

White Paper from FEWS Urban Agriculture Workshop

“Scaling Up Agriculture in City-Regions to Mitigate FEW System Impacts” produced from the October 2015 NSF-Funded Workshop “FEW Workshop: ‘Scaling Up’ Urban Agriculture to Mitigate Food-Energy-Water Impacts” held at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor assesses urban agriculture and its relationships with energy, water, food access, and other issues. This white paper summarizes current knowledge with respect to urban agriculture, evaluates integrative frameworks and modeling approaches to assess urban FEW system interactions, and identifies crucial research needs to transition urban FEW systems towards integration, sustainability, resiliency, and equity. Read the white paper here.