Life-Cycle Emissions from Port Electrification: A Case Study of Cargo Handling Tractors at the Port of Los Angeles

Kim, J., M. Rahimi, & J.P. Newell. 2011.
Sustainable Transportation, 6 (6): 321-337.
Abstract: To reduce greenhouse emissions, ports around the world are considering using electric cargo handling equipment. To assess the benefits of the strategy, this study provides a comparative life-cycle assessment between diesel and electric yard tractors in a case study of the Port of Los Angeles. Results indicate a significant reduction in life-cycle emissions as the port shifts to electric vehicles and increases its use of renewable energy sources (eg. wind and solar), and that legislated reduction targets are not achievable by the year 2030.

Keywords: greenhouse gas emissionslife-cycle assessmentPort electrificationPort of Los Angelesrenewable energy