The University of Michigan is one of best places to do research, with first-class research facilities, a large pool of potential collaborators, and extensive support structures for students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty. I am always interested in working with talented, curious students and researchers.
Master’s Students
Please Note: Dr. Newell is not accepting new MS students at this time. Please check out the SEAS Faculty List to view faculty interested in advising new students. MS students from the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) regularly work in my research group. At this point in time, I am most interested in SEAS MS students who want to pursue a Thesis (rather than a Project or Practicum). From time-to-time, I will also post research assistant positions for Masters of Science (MS) students. These are primarily to work on specific projects. Currently, I am only able to financially support MS students on an hourly basis, usually 10-20 hours per week. Generally, I am able to support ~2 MS students per year. If you are a prospective MS student, then I encourage you to browse the Urban Sustainability Research Group website, including the current (and past) projects and publications. This will give you a sense of the type of research that we are conducting.
Doctoral (Ph.D.) Students
Please Note: Dr. Newell is not accepting new Ph.D. students at this time. Please check out the SEAS Faculty List to view faculty interested in advising new students. Each year I receive inquiries from highly qualified individuals interested in conducting doctoral research with me at SEAS. I have an excellent track record in placing students in tenure-track academic positions at top research institutions. See Alumni for details on these placements. If you are interested in working with me, then please do the following:
  1. 1. Familiarize yourself with the Doctor of Philosophy Program at SEAS. Please note that the two tracks (Resource Ecology and Management and Resource Policy and Behavior) are just broad categories. Many doctoral student blend elements of social science, natural science, and/or engineering in their studies. Also the program is highly customized to the student’s interests. If admitted, you will work closely with your advisor to craft a specialized program suited to your needs.
  2. 2. Draft your research (academic) statement. This two-page research statement is probably the most important document in your application. You should be as specific as you can in expressing what you want to study and why. You should also clearly describe why you want to work with me.
  3. 3. Revise your curriculum vitae. This document is also crucially important and should follow accepted academic standards. If you are unsure what these standards, then browse the CVs of some academics. Your chances of gaining admittance are higher if you have published. But every year we do admit students without publication experience.
  4. 4. Send your research statement and CV to me for feedback. I will do my best to respond within one week. We may also set up a time to talk before you submit your application materials.
Postdoctoral Researchers
My research group benefits greatly from collaboration with postdoctoral scholars . I am, therefore, always interested in adding excellent researcher who have demonstrated high levels of productivity and novelty in their Ph.D. research, and who wish to continue their training with me. Periodically, I have funding from my own grants to hire postdoctoral researchers. When I do, I will post that announcement here as well as in traditional list serves and online job search venues (e.g. Chronicle of Higher Education). In addition, I am also excited when potential postdocs acquire their own funding to do research in my research group, and I am willing to work with strong candidates to apply for fellowships and grants.
If you are interested in doing postdoctoral research with me, then I encourage you to email me with a cover letter stating your research accomplishments and interests, a curriculum vitae, and representative publications of your work.