“Story-Networks” of Livestock and Climate Change: Actors, Their Artifacts, and the Shaping of Urban Print Media

Lee, K.C.L., Newell, J.P., Wolch, J., Schneider, N. & P. Joassart-Marcelli. 2014.
Society & Natural Resources, 27(9): 948-963.
Abstract: Despite widespread media coverage of livestock-related issues and growing scientific evidence linking meat production and climate change, systematic content analysis of this relationship in media coverage has been surprisingly minimal. In this article, we coded livestock-related articles from the Los Angeles Times over the 1990-2010 period to understand how various actants and artifacts shaped different story-networks– how a media report or “story” is framed. Distinctive story-networks framed the livestock-climate change linkage as an issue to be addressed through either technological innovation, individual lifestyle choices, or policy action.

Keywords: actor-network theory (ANT)climate changeframing theorylivestockstory-networks