Sustainability and Society
J. P. Newell
This course provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability in society—establishing a platform from which to further research, study, and practice it. Students connect sustainability to real-world challenges, evaluate its claims, develop knowledge to participate in sustainability debates, and identify novel pathways towards a more sustainable society.
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Course # : ENV 207
Offered :

  • Fall 2018
  • Fall 2016
  • Winter 2014
  • Winter 2013
  • Winter 2012

Urban Sustainability
J. P. Newell
This course introduces graduate students to the emerging field of urban sustainability from multiple disciplinary perspectives, primarily industrial ecology, urban political ecology, urban ecology, and planning. It provides students with the theoretical and methodological tools in which to explore the potential for a sustainable urbanism. There is a focus on experiential learning, with two site visits to Detroit during which students are asked to view the city from varying disciplinary viewpoints, frameworks, and methodological approaches.

Course # : EAS 537
Offered :

  • Fall 2016
  • Fall 2015
  • Fall 2014

Explore this page for updates on Josh’s research travels, as well as class trips. With such an interesting city as Detroit nearby, Josh finds it beneficial to take his students to see applications of course material as much as possible.
Opportunities for Detroit
NRE 501’s second trip to Detroit (Fall 2014), where the class met with Detroit Future City and Detroit Free Press writer John Gallagher to talk solutions and opportunities for Detroit, as well as urban agriculture’s role in the city’s future.

Packard Group Photo
NRE 501’s first trip to Detroit (Fall 2014), where they examined two automobile plants from the urban political ecology, urban ecology, and industrial ecology perspectives.

Detroit green infrastructure and urban agriculture research.

An alley being used as a dump site in the South subregion. Photo by Josh Newell.

Russia and Japan
Timber harvest in Russia. Photo by Josh Newell.