Urban Ecologies and Detroit

The students of NRE 501.037 – Urban Sustainability visiting the former Packard Automotive Plant (October 6, 2014).

photo 1

The  Packard Automotive Plant, built on over 40 acres, was closed in 1958 and has been abandoned since. Recently, the property was purchased for $405,000 and the new owner plans to build a mixed-use development while restoring some of the old structures. Its ruins provide a stark contrast to the modern Ford Rouge Factory, encouraging us to think critically about their places in history and the urban fabric of Detroit.

photo 2

Additional view from inside the former Packard Automotive Plant. Photo by Jeremy Good.


The Ford Rouge Factory vehicle body assembly. Atop the building sits a 10.4-acre living roof for collection of stormwater and energy conservation. Photo by Jeremy Good.